DIS Stockholm Hosts Academic Seminar: ‘Courage That Changes the World’

DIS Stockholm Hosts Academic Seminar: ‘Courage That Changes the World’

Dr. Palmer spoke passionately and personally of civil society leaders, individual acts of courage, courage as a “contagion,” and the beauty of self-sacrifice. As a senior lecturer in the Department of Theology at Uppsala University, he offered the students a secular, yet deeply spiritual, meditation on creating a more humane world.

Dr. Palmer also offered the students practical and inspirational advice for how to make the most of their time in Sweden: from walks in immigrant communities in Stockholm’s suburbs to writing, blogging, and bearing witness to the good in Swedish society while considering how those “back home” could learn from first-hand reports. Around 50 students attended the seminar, almost half the DIS Stockholm student body. After the seminar, students stayed for the Q&A to further discuss how courage can spread through communities.

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